001 About myself

My name is Vladimir Sobolev.
Ph.D. I professionally engaged in marketing for 6 years.
I love and use synthetic marketing, growth hacking, inbound-marketing. I launch projects on time.

I work in PrivatBank and on my own projects. Mentor in the companies BRANDER, Event BOX.

In notes and articles I honestly talk about marketing, classroom management and business solutions for my projects, the work of my colleagues, and well-known companies.

002 My projects
  • privatbank

    The largest bank in Eastern Europe. The current place of work. privatbank.ua

  • privatmarket

    Multifunctional e-commerce site from PrivatBank. What's done: Marketing strategy, e-mail marketing. privatmarket.ua

  • artstep

    The largest manufacturer of accessories and footwear accessories in the CIS. What's done: Marketing strategy, building a marketing department from the ground up, positioning, naming, curation of creating a corporate identity, creating an advertising strategy for retail stores) - 2015-2017 artstep.com.ua

  • event

    The first real portal of event-services in Kazakhstan. What's done: Marketing strategy, Bench marketing, positioning, naming, content strategy - 2016

  • efish

    First Internet supermarket fishing gear in the CIS.What is done: Integrated web analytics, search marketing, email marketing strategy - 2015 www.efish.ru

  • crossss

    Unique service for personalization of content and product recommendations.) What is done: Marketing strategy for entering foreign markets, organizing booths for exhibitions (iForum, Oborot.ru) and promotional products - 2014-2015 crossss.ru

  • englishhome

    International chain of high-quality textile stores - What's done: Marketing strategy, integrated Internet marketing (Search marketing, email marketing) - 2015 englishhome.ua

  • branderstudio

    Web studio full cycle.What is done: Together we lived a few bright years.For the studio implemented naming, marketing-mix, integrated content strategy and web analytics - 2012-2015 branderstudio.com

  • alfabank

    The bank is included in TOP-10 banks-leaders of consumer crediting.) What is done: Master class on Internet marketing and creation of convertible landing-page for marketing and advertising department of the bank – 2015 alfabank.ua

  • contactlinza

    Ukrainian leader in sales of contact lenses: what is done: complex web analytics, internet marketing mix (search marketing, SMM, email marketing) - 2014 contactlinza.com.ua

  • lime

    Exclusive representative of Apple and Sony in Ukraine. What's done: Marketing strategy, internet marketing-mix (search marketing, SMM, email marketing), strategy for outdoor advertising (work with billboards and citylights) - 2013 lime.ua

  • maxus

    The largest in Ukraine specialized platform for the sale of lighting equipment. What is done: Internet Marketing Strategy, SMM - 2013 maxus.com.ua

  • vashagotivochka

    All-Ukrainian service of microcrediting: What is done: Integrated marketing strategy, positioning and corporate identity - 2013 vashagotivochka.ua

  • fortunacigars

    Leader of the market for alternative tobacco products: What is done: Marketing strategy, field marketing research - 2012 www.fortunacigars.com.ua

  • shatel

    ОOfficial distributor and supplier of Swiss watches Edox, Oris, Perrelet. What's done: Integrated Internet marketing (search marketing, SMM), content marketing. - 2012 shatel.ua

  • rezina

    Leader of the automobile segment in the Ukrainian e-commerce.What is done: Together we created a marketing department, a unique strategy for working with car forums, SMM - 2012 rezina.cc

003 Blog
  • Nutella used the algorithm to make seven million jars with a unique pattern Nutella used the algorithm to make seven million jars with a unique pattern

    Nutella and the advertising agency Ogilvy & Mather Italy produced seven million Nutella jars with a unique pattern on each label. Packages were created using an algorithm that combined colors and graphic patterns. Each jar was assigned a unique code in the form of a serial number to emphasize its uniqueness.

    Practical manual. What is needed for the customer to see his advertising campaign on the Internet!? Practical manual. What is needed for the customer to see his advertising campaign on the Internet!?

    An urgent question, how to make the client see their creatives? Indeed, almost all customers are asking about this option, because it’s always curious to know what happened at all, and how the banner looks in this or that environment.

    10 must-know opportunities for advertising in Facebook 10 must-know opportunities for advertising in Facebook

    It’s no secret that the paid posts in social networks are gaining popularity with great speed. Spending on advertising in social media in the last quarter of 2016 increased by 50% compared to last year. By 2017, the expected revenue from advertising in social media — $ 35.90 billion, which is an incredible 16%! From the general world market of digital-advertising.

    All you need to know about productivity All you need to know about productivity

    I passionately dreamed of building a long-lived company where people would be interested in producing excellent products. Everything else was secondary. Of course, profit is great, because it allows you to make this most excellent product. But the main thing is a product, not a profit. Scully changed priorities, aiming first for money.

    Business analysis as a management base of marketing activities Business analysis as a management base of marketing activities

    Terms of the retail market, the increasing number of sales channels, changes in behavior and requirements of customers, revitalization of the competitors, and other dynamic macro trends lead to the growth of the necessary information for make informed marketing decisions, which also must be processed and analyzed. Under these conditions, the problem properly updated its collection, structuring, analysis and preparation for use in the management of marketing activities.

    Madchup Madchup

    The ketchup maker Heinz used the idea from the Mad Men in his new advertising campaign. The creative concept from the series was the images of products without ketchup with the slogan “Pass the Heinz”. Now billboards with this advertisement can be seen in New York.

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